STEP North-East was founded in November 2020 with the aim to democratise quality education and make it accessible to even the remotest villages in North-East India. For many kids in the North-East, being born in the village deprives them of quality education by default due to various factors and circumstances.


To bridge the educational and opportunity gap between the urban and rural areas of North-East India to make quality education accessible to even the most interior villages.


To empower the teachers by equipping them with the necessary skills to produce the next generation of leaders from North-East India. To expose the students to an environment outside of their school and village and inspire them to think outside the box and broaden their horizon. To provide mentorship and guidance to the students and youth in the rural areas through STEP’s vast network of mentors.

STEP North-East 3 Verticals

1. Teacher Training Workshops -

Majority of the teachers in the villages are untrained. They have not been trained whatsoever and so they are not well equipped to impart quality education to the students. And as such, it becomes imperative to train these teachers and equip them with the basic skills to be able to be more effective teachers.

At STEP, we believe that your degrees don’t make you a good teacher, but the ability to connect with your students and inspire them.

STEP conducts teacher training workshops where it teaches the basic skills of communication to improve their delivery, content and interaction while conducting their classes.

2. Exposure Programs -

The students in the villages are never exposed to anything outside of their school and village throughout their school life thereby curtailing the students’ creativity, imagination and ambition. There is no joy and excitement in going to school and learning new things. They cannot look at education as a way to liberate them and give them a better life but a mundane and monotonous chore.

STEP addresses this issue through its exposure programmes wherein STEP brings people from different walks of life virtually and physically to these students for them to interact and learn from each other.

These exposures offer the kids different perspectives about academics, careers and life thereby providing them a window through which they can see the plethora of possibilities and motivate them to become their best selves.

3. Career Counselling -

The lack of proper guidance and counselling has led to a lot of wasted talents in the rural areas of North-East. The schools themselves cannot afford a career counsellor nor are the teachers equipped with enough information and experience to guide the students. And as such, STEP conducts career counselling workshops for students from the rural areas so that they can make informed decisions about their future.