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STEP is registered under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882

STEP North-East

Bridging the educational and opportunity gap between the urban and rural areas of North-East India

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STEP North-East was founded in November 2020 with the aim to democratise quality education and make it accessible to even the remotest villages in North-East India. For many kids in the North-East, being born in the village deprives them of quality education by default due to various factors and circumstances. STEP aims to change this status quo by making quality education accessible to these kids in the villages through its three verticals.

Teacher Training Workshops

STEP conducts teacher training workshops where it teaches the basic skills of communication to improve their delivery, content and interaction while conducting their classes.

Exposure Programs

Exposure programs offer the kids different perspectives about academics, careers and life thereby providing them a window through which they can see the plethora of possibilities and motivate them to become somebody better.

Career Counselling

The lack of proper guidance and counselling has led to a lot of wasted talents in the rural areas of North-East. The schools themselves cannot afford a career counsellor nor are the teachers equipped with enough information and experience to guide the students. And as such, STEP conducts career counselling workshops for students from the rural areas so that they can make informed decisions about their future.

Our Recent Programs & Activities

  • STEP conducted three communication skill training workshops for the teachers of Royal Ambassadors Academy and Heritage Christian College in Makhan village. The workshop focussed on honing the teachers’ communication skills. This was done through exercises and activities on pronunciation, voice modulations, fillers, body postures, pauses in between sentences and so on. The objective of these workshops was to enable the teachers to effectively engage with their students.
  • STEP conducted online communication skills training for students and young professionals.

  • STEP conducted an exposure program for the teachers and students of Royal Ambassadors Academy and Heritage Christian College. STEP invited Mubeen Masudi who is the Founder and CEO of RISE, a social enterprise that equalizes educational opportunities for students in the conflict-torn region of Kashmir. Over the past five years, RISE has improved the quality of the area’s education by devising holistic solutions for students, schools and government. Mubeen is one of the Swedish Institutes’ Young Connectors of the Future and has a bachelor's in Civil Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.
  • STEP organised a panel discussion for the teachers and students of Royal Ambassadors Academy on 19 November, 2020. STEP’s founder Worrin Muivah moderated the panel discussion with Anil George and Pavan Ananth.
  • STEP’s founder Worrin Muivah was invited as a resource person at the Edu’treat organised by Teach for North-East on 26th Jan, 2021.

  • STEP conducted a one day career counselling workshop at Khamlang village on 29th Jan, 2021
  • STEP’s Founder and Director, Worrin Muivah was invited as a resource person at the two day Career Awareness Workshop organised by the Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong in collaboration with DYouth and Ikra Foundation.
  • STEP conducted a one day career counselling workshop for the students of Mon town in collaboration with the Mon district administration, Govt of Nagaland under the initiative of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao.


STEP Fellows are chosen for their desire and diligence to acquire employability skills, and their financial requirements. We can currently accommodate 10 Fellows. We plan to scale up slowly and steadily, hoping to extend the program to 25 Fellows in the second batch.


We commit a stipend of INR 2000 a month for six months to each Fellow. The Program will be online.
Each Fellow, with the help of the Program Manager, will create her own customized self-paced learning plan which must include the following functional competencies:

  • Basic written and spoken English
  • Professional presence (delivery & content)
  • Communication skills 
  • Basic mathematics
  • Internet usage (browsing and email)
  • Fundamentals of Excel, Word, PowerPoint
  • Financial education

STEP will provide the training pro bono to the Fellows.
A team of professionals will audit the progress of every Fellow every month. The assessment will be done equitably, keeping in mind that the Fellows will have different degrees of learning agility, and also different financial and social circumstances.

The Fellows will be free to spend the stipend according to their individual requirements. We would require that the expenditure cover a reliable internet connection to facilitate online learning. The Fellows will need to submit a summary of expenditure at the end of every month, and shall be provided budgeting guidance.

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I wanted our upcoming generation to have a better shot at life than we did. I wanted them to be able to take better and more informed decisions than we did; Bridging the educational and opportunity gap between the urban and rural areas of Manipur and the North-East.

Of the 50 units, 20 will be under the care of the State Health Agency while the remaining 30 will be distributed as per the needs of the state to various sites by Team Oxygen India in collaboration with STEP North-East, Highland Group, and Maolkeki Foundation.