STEP Fellows

CLASS OF 2021-22



I am 21 years old and I belong to the Mao community in Manipur and I’m currently pursuing B.Sc from Asufii Christian Institute, Mao. I’m fascinated by the existence and working of all things and hope to join a research program someday. I want to become a teacher and a published writer. My single mother supports me and my four siblings. Being the eldest, I’m expected to get a job right after graduation. In order to sustain myself, I give private tuition to middle schoolers. I spent most of my childhood in the village which was my safe haven but I’ve come to realise that I’m missing out a great deal on how the real world works. I refuse to confine myself further, and that is why I applied to the STEP Fellowship. By joining the Fellowship, I’m very hopeful that the mentorship and guidance I will receive will not go to waste, but that it will help me in achieving my dreams of a better and brighter future for myself and my loved ones, and that this will in turn benefit the whole community.

Alice Ngaipilhing


I am 21 years old and currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work from Assam Don Bosco University. My father is a daily bread earner that supports a family of six members. My younger sister will complete her graduation soon, my brother is in BA 1st semester and the youngest one is in class 10. Observing the zeal and tireless effort my father puts in to support us, I know I have to be strong and do better. Right now, I’m using my small earnings from my part time job to pay off my educational loan. I wish to use the STEP Fellowship stipend to repay the same. I’m a keen learner and explorer with a deep curiosity about life and I’m very excited about STEP’s curriculum. I want to become a reliable Social Worker with the vision to serve and paint more lives with happy colors. With this Fellowship, I’m certain that I’ll learn so many things that will help me achieve my goals.



My name is Guikhanliu Malingmei and I am 22 years old. I am from Sonram village in Tamenglong district and I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree at Dhanumanjari University in Manipur. My dream is to become an Army Officer. My parents are illiterate and they are farmers in my village. At 6 years old, I went to live with my uncle’s family outside the village in order to continue my education. Since then life has always been challenging. However, with perseverance and hard work, I have performed consistently in my academics. I ranked Top 12 in my HSSLC examination under Nagaland Board of Secondary examination and I am also a Gold medalist in (Management), of Nagaland University. I realised that education was the only way to lift myself and my family from our poverty.

I want to take my passion to a higher level and take full advantage of the STEP Fellowship program and the stipend that will be provided. I believe that the Fellowship will be a bridge to my present self and future goals; and the stipend will cover my bills, allowing me to fully focus on the program. I strongly believe that I will emerge more confident by the end of this program which will help me in achieving my future goals. 



My name is Ningzanphy Mahung and I am 23 years old from Sinakeithei village in Ukhrul District. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Literature. My parents run a small poultry farm and sell vegetables but the income from these avenues are not enough to support us three siblings. This amount is hardly enough to sustain us. Despite my good graduate percentage and potential, I had to give up on pursuing higher studies. So also my siblings. I love teaching and I am passionate about it. I have been tutoring some kids in the village to help bring in some extra income to the family. With proper guidance and mentorship from the STEP Fellowship, I am certain that my interest and hope will rekindle. I aspire to become an educationist someday.



My name is Rimichon Rungsung and I am 26 years old. I am from Seikhor Village, Ukhrul. I graduated from St. Mary’s College, Shillong as an English major student. My father is a pastor in a village. His salary during my high school was less than 50,000 INR per annum. My mother weaved traditional wrap arounds and shawls and tried every little business to help with the family income. After graduation, I went to Delhi to work in the corporate sector to look after myself and support my two brothers. However, things didn’t work out as planned and I had to return home after a year. Right now I am a teacher at Good Samaritan English School, Wunghon village. I have started my own hostel too for students from neighboring villages who come to Wunghon village to study, and I currently have 4 students in my hostel. I decided to apply to the STEP Fellowship after reading through what the Fellows will be trained in. It all points to what I lack. As a teacher myself, I definitely need to be knowledgeable. Getting an opportunity to be trained in this Fellowship will not just benefit me but also the students I am looking after.



I am Reny Hungyo from Heinganglok village in Thoubal District, Manipur. I am in my BA final year at Mount Everest College, Senapati with Sociology as my honors paper. My parents divorced when we were very young and I was raised in different villages and towns in Manipur. My uncle, a Meitei pastor in Senapati, raised me and my two brothers like his own kids. My elder brother started working after graduation and now he looks after me and my brother who is in class 10. I am an introvert who is in need of all that is listed as curriculum courses of STEP Fellowship. The promised stipend will be my greatest relief for data recharge for my online classes and food costs. I want to complete my Master’s and specialize in Counselling in Child and Family Welfare. For this journey I need assistance from STEP. I want to become a resourceful parent someday – competent and graceful enough to raise my children well – and impart the knowledge I acquire with others who are less fortunate. To me life has no meaning without sharing and I want to share my life and offer service for the benefit of my community.



My name is Mayirwon Kapai. I am 20 years old from Ngainga village, Ukhrul. My parents are daily wage earners who spend most of their days working in the field. I have four older brothers who are all high school dropouts as our parents could not support them and three younger brothers who are currently studying in the village high school. I am the only person in our family with a higher secondary education degree. One of my brothers worked part time to support me. After 12th, I wanted to study nursing but they could not support me so I went to Bangalore to earn money for my studies. But I had to leave Bangalore and return home to help my parents when the COVID-19 pandemic started. When I came across STEP Fellowship, I realized the exceptional opportunity it was offering. The resources and support that I won’t otherwise receive at a typical job environment or internship made me hopeful. I have hope that someday I will be able to turn the table. I want to become a nurse.

Rinsomi Mahung


My name is Rinsomi Mahung. I am 21 years old from Sinakeithei village, Ukhrul District. I am in my BSc 4th semester at Modern College, Imphal. Owing to the pandemic, I am currently tutoring some kids in my village to earn some money and helping my parents in the field. My high school teachers wanted me to become a singer as I somewhat had a good voice, my parents wanted me to become a doctor since my family was really poor and according to them, being a good doctor was the best way to bring happiness to the lives of poor people. But I wanted to become a teacher and I am passionate about this profession. This ambition stems from the significant impact that my teachers have had on my life. When I first came across STEP Fellowship through Meiphung Production’s interview with Sir Worrin on YouTube, I was excited and was inspired to apply for it. I need good Communication Skills, Basic Written and Spoken English for my teaching career, and Financial Education to see myself living responsibly. All the functional competencies and exposure that the STEP Fellowship offers will be helpful for my career and also my everyday life.



My name is Somiya Ningshen from Itham village and I am 21 years old. I am in my last semester at N.G. College, Imphal with Education as my honors paper. I have completed a short term course on Management in Front Office Associate at the Classic Hospitality Training Institute under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikash Yojana (PMKVY) and a one month internship at Classic Hotel. We are four siblings and we are raised by my single mother. I gave tuition to lower class students for a year and half, and the income from it along with the Manipur ST scholarship has been used to pay my college fees. I changed my stream from Science to Arts and was unsure about what career to pursue after graduation. Just at the right time, the STEP Fellowship called for applications. I believe it will help me in deciding my next step. What is amazing about it is the ‘Earning While Learning’ opportunity. I want to use this time to learn new skills and find my talent so that by the end of it I will emerge to be more employable. 



I am Dinashree Laikangbam from Singjamei Chingamathak, Imphal. I have completed my higher secondary education from Millenium Institute of Technology, Imphal. I am passionate about teaching and have taught my neighbourhood students during my free time. I finished my higher secondary in 2015 but because of financial constraints, my single mom could not support me joining a paid training program or course but I want to try hard enough and succeed in life. The STEP Fellowship is a golden opportunity for underserved women like me. I believe that the resources, support and professional network the Fellowship provides will help me in improving my personality, give me confidence and help me in achieving my long-term goals. I aspire to become a teacher someday. I want to focus on others and not me and contribute towards building others up.

Honleiphy Kashung


My name is Honleiphy Kashung from Chingai Village, Ukhrul District and I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree from Liberal College, Imphal. My ambition in life is to become a flight attendant and my goal is to be financially independent and support my family. My mother, who is a single parent, raised me, my brother and my sister. She is illiterate and is a cultivator who does small businesses to look after us. Trying to meet our needs has always been difficult. I have helped my mother in her chores whenever I am needed: be it farming, gardening or taking care of her small businesses. Due to financial problems and lack of proper guidance, I was rarely given a chance or exposure to opportunities. I applied to the STEP Fellowship with the belief that it will shape me and enhance my skills which in turn will make me more employable. This will help me get closer to my lifelong dream of becoming a flight attendant.

Disanliu Panmei


My name is Disanliu Panmei. I am from Chiang Village, Tamenglong District, and I am 17 years old. I did my schooling in the village and completed my higher secondary education this year from Heritage Christian College, New Makan as a Science student. We are five siblings. My dream is to take a designing course and become a fashion designer. Due to financial problems, I had to put my dreams on hold. Even if I am stuck and unable to pursue my dream this year, I want to acquire good communication skills, be good at drawing, learn to work under pressure and be imaginative. I applied to the STEP Fellowship in the hope that it will help me in my journey to become a successful person. I believe that this Fellowship will help me to constantly improve myself and transform my life.