FREE online Employability Course! Duration – 1 month (May 2022)

STEP North East has partnered with Microsoft and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), India in collaboration with InfiSparks to deliver the Microsoft Diversity Skilling Program to the people of North-East India. 

Microsoft Diversity Skilling Program focuses to upskill & impart professional training aligned specifically for women and girls of India with the National Plan and Skill India Initiative, in 4 areas.

1. Digital Productivity

2. Employability

3. Spoken English

4. Entrepreneurship skillsĀ 

So far, Microsoft & NSDC have collaborated to empower more than 400,000 women across India to include them in the workforce, uplifting them to contribute to the nation’s economy. Women?s economic participation and empowerment are fundamental to strengthening women’s rights and enabling them to have control over their lives and exert influence in society. The economic empowerment of women is a prerequisite to sustainable development. 

These courses are curated in such a way that someone who is at a very beginner level will also be able to utilize this material to upskill themselves.

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