Confused and frustrated with what to study after +2? Check out this 113 options!

STEP Northeast

Due to the lack of exposure in the rural areas of North-East, awareness of career options are mostly limited to the conventional professions like Engineering, Medicine and the Administrative services. And due to this limited exposure, many students often end up wasting their skills and talents. The teachers themselves are unable to guide the students to make the right career choices and schools cannot afford professional career counsellors.

This phase of confusion is most common after the 12th board exams when students have to choose a certain stream of subject. When students are not properly guided at this stage, majority of them end up wasting their years. This leads to a problem of ‘unemployability’ among the youth despite the degrees they may have earned. So it becomes imperative that students are guided properly before they end up making the wrong academic and career decisions.

In relation to this, the Central Board of Secondary Education India has released a compendium of academic course and career options that students can pursue after the 12th board exams. This compendium includes 113 options

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